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Chem-Dry offers homeowners a means to uphold a healthier living environment alongside maintaining pristine, cozy carpets. We recognize the frustrations many homeowners face with traditional carpet cleaning methods. If you're seeking a superior approach to carpet maintenance, we proudly present a solution. Our expert carpet cleaners utilize a more dependable method to keep your carpets clean without causing damage, jeopardizing your family's health, or upsetting the ecosystem.

Traditional cleaning methods fail to meet our standards for several reasons. Conventional carpet cleaning techniques, such as steam cleaning and carpet shampooing, rely on chemical-laden detergents. While these detergents may assist in lifting dirt and soil from carpets, their usage entails numerous adverse effects. 

Firstly, carpet cleaning solutions often contain harmful substances. Toxic chemicals have no place in any home, especially where children and pets spend their time. Yet, many conventional carpet cleaners, whether store-bought or professional formulas, contain chemicals that could pose risks to young children and small animals. Moreover, these solutions are seldom environmentally friendly. Aside from the health risks they pose, the chemicals in carpet shampoos and detergents can harm the environment, affecting animals, aquatic life, and air quality.

Additionally, conventional cleaning formulas are challenging to rinse from carpets. Extensive rinsing is required, leading to a significant water volume. This prolonged rinsing process leaves carpets excessively wet, taking hours or even days to dry. These conditions create an ideal environment for mold and mildew growth, disrupting your family's routine. Furthermore, these solutions can leave behind a sticky residue, making carpets feel unpleasant and attracting dirt, dust, and soil, leading to quicker soiling.

To address these shortcomings, we developed a superior carpet cleaning solution called The Natural. This exclusive formula is at the heart of our low-moisture carpet and upholstery cleaning process, Hot Carbonating Extraction (HCE). Unlike traditional methods, The Natural is a non-toxic, carefully carbonated solution. Its powerful carbonated bubbles penetrate deep into carpets, loosening caked-on contaminants and bringing them to the surface for extraction using our PowerHead® equipment. 

Being soap-free, The Natural eliminates the need for excessive water rinsing. This prevents the formation of dirt-attracting residues, ensuring longer-lasting clean and cushy carpets. Our services provide an excellent choice for those prioritizing a healthier home, as The Natural's ingredients are sourced from Mother Nature herself. Free from soaps, detergents, solvents, and enzymes, it stands as one of the purest cleaning solutions available. Moreover, all ingredients in The Natural are on the Generally Recognized as Safe (G.R.A.S.) list compiled by the FDA, assuring its safety for use around children and pets.