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American’s Birthday, the Fourth of July. Independence Day is a great day for Americans to celebrate together, remember the sacrifices of past generations, and of course, eat some fantastic food. You have probably celebrated Fourth of July for as long as you can remember, but you might not know some of these interesting facts that will surprise you!

Americans consumed 150 million dogs on the Fourth of July. That is enough to line up hot dogs from Washington D.C. to Los Angeles 5 times!

The record number of hot dogs eaten in 10 minutes is 74 by Joey Chestnut in 2018 during the annual hot dog eating contest on the Fourth of July. Just a suggestion, 1-3 hot dogs is usually alright for most people during a barbecue.

There were 285 million pounds of fireworks used in 2015.

Only 43 states allow all types of fireworks to be consumed.

The national bird was almost a turkey, suggested by Benjamin Franklin. John Adams and Thomas Jefferson recommended that they use the bald eagle.

There were only 2.5 million people living in the U.S. when the Declaration of Independence was signed. There are now 316 million.

The average American household spends $370.75 on the Fourth of July for festivities.

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