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3 Reasons Why Your Cat Isn't Using The Litter Box

Featured Image Taking your cat to the vet should be your first response but no what the reason is Chem-Dry of Central Illinois can eliminate urine stains and odors for good! Call today for an in-home black-light consultation today!...


4 Tips to Keep Your Upholstery Looking New

Featured Image It's just as important to clean your upholstery as it is your carpets. They trap and collect dirt, bacteria, dust mites and other allergens and with frequent use you are exposing yourself and your family to these could be airborne particles....


DIY Carpet Deodorizer 

Featured Image If you’re on a budget but your carpets stink, what is there to do? You could light a bunch of candles and hope it covers the smell, or you can make your own carpet deodorizer!...