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May 26, 2016 -  World Famous® Professional Strength Spot Remover

Stains and spills are an everyday part of life and mishaps happen.  It's important to remember that if the wrong chemicals are used when trying to remove the stain, it could actually lock the stain in more, making it more difficult to remove.  If you have a troublesome stain that won't come out in your home or commercial building our World Famous® Professional Strength Spot Remover is the best option to use...(Click to read more)

April 27, 2016 - A Healthier Home Starts With Your Carpets

Spring has begun, we want to help you have a healthier home with our carpet cleaning services.  On average, we tend to spend up to 90% of our time each day inside our own home.  Breathing whatever is stirred up in our carpets when we walk on them 90% of the day is not good.  Here is a cool video that demonstrates the benefits of having your carpets cleaned regularly...Continue Reading


February 17, 2016-National Convention in Miami!

We spent last week in beautiful sunny Miami learning about new product and equipment at the annual National Chem-Dry Convention, at Chem-Dry of Central Illinois it is very important for us to attend to keep up to date in our industry!  We are backfilled with new information and ready to provide the latest and greatest that Chem-Dry has to offer!  Call us today to hear about our Carpet, Upholstery, Tile & Grout cleaning and all our various products we have to better your home! Enjoy a few pictures of our trip, we loved touring the city when we weren't in classes!

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January 1, 2015-New Year? Clean House!

At Chem-Dry of Central Illinois, we hope you are enjoying your holiday season and spending it with the ones you love most!  We're here to wish you the happiest New Year and offer some of our favorite tips on helping your house feel cleaner and stay healthier this year!  Don't forget to give us a call and get your professional carpet cleaning appointment scheduled to kick the year off right! 


November 29, 2015-Planning for the Holidays!

As the leaves are falling and the seasons start to transform, the one universal custom that best signifies the end of fall and beginning of winter is the holidays. In spite of where you reside, mid-November forever marks the start of the holiday season, filled with family visits, lights, decorations, and a large quantity of food. Often times though, along with all the holiday parties and enjoyment also come all of the inescapable messes and clean-up.

We at Chem-Dry understand hosting around the holidays can certainly be extremely challenging, and we want to help you savor your holiday season with very little stress as is possible, so we are issuing the following tips to guarantee a happier, healthier, stain-free holiday season:

Setting up area rugs in significant traffic parts, such as entries to your home, will secure your carpet from avoidable staining and wear from all the acquaintances entering and exiting.
Request that family and friends lose their shoes upon coming in your home due to the fact shoes have a tendency to carry around dirt, debris, and oils on their soles. Having guests take them off will help protect against grime from being tracked over your carpets.
previous to hosting a holiday get-together can certainly help stop everyday dirt and grime from accumulating and setting into your carpet, before adding more dirt that may be tracked in from your guests.
The probability of a spill enormously also increases within the holidays. If you do find a stain, blot it with lukewarm water at once to avoid it from sinking into the carpet pad. Use a cloth towel for blotting.
Make sure to vacuum right after a gathering to stay away from food crumbs from sticking to the carpet and turning into mold and bacteria. Go over the most seriously trafficked carpet areas in several directions to allow the vacuum to clean up all it can.

When the worst does appear and you have a stain left by your company, don't stress and panic. Here are a few suggestions to eliminating spots and stains just after they show up:

Make sure you don't rub it in
Do not add a too much amount of water over the stain to “lighten it.” Although this may loosen the stain, it can also make the stain to lower further into the carpet pad, making it much harder to get out.
Try integrating warm water with white vinegar or dish detergent, and blot the stain with the solution.
For a red wine spill, use a detergent solution. With the detergent solution, first put a white cloth or plain white paper towel into the detergent solution and dab persistently. Push the cloth on the spot for a couple of seconds, wait 15 minutes for the stain to break-down, and then soak up the extra liquid with a dry white cloth. Continue by blotting the entire area with a cloth soaked in lukewarm water. Wait a full hour or until the carpet dries fully. If the stain still remains, place a 1/2-inch-thick stack of white paper towels over the stain and rest a glass baking dish on top for 15 minutes.
For rough, stubborn stains, spray a small quantity of Chem-Dry Stain Extinguisher or Chem-Dry Grease & Oil Remover (click here to stock up on these at our amazon store).
Once you have established the most effective course of action, work from the outside edge of the stain to the inside to keep the stain from spreading.
If you have a pet that gets tense around large sets of people and communicates his/her anxiousness on the floor coverings by urinating, blot up as much of it as you can with a towel. For the best results, try Chem-Dry’s Pet Odor Remover, which erases pet urine odors and stains at the source (available online as well at our amazon store.) or contact Chem-Dry professionals for older pet urine odors to make use of their revolutionary Pet Urine Removal Treatment.

If you have a spot or stain you can't seem to wipe out or you are struggling to clean your thickly trafficked areas, schedule a professional carpet cleaning appointment with your local Chem-Dry. For a holiday treat, make sure you ask about their holiday specials.

Get an intense, healthy clean that will dry in just a couple of hours, so you will be prepared for your holiday party super quick!

October 1, 2015-What's Hiding in your Carpets?

While carpets provide warmth, solace, and beauty to almost all residences, they also harbor a number of germs and bacteria. Although carpets might seem to look clean.... Continue Reading...

April 15, 2015-Here comes Spring!  Along with the Allergies

Will you be one of many 40 million Americans that fight with seasonal allergies? Research has revealed that when you vacuum your carpets on a regular basis that you can actually reduce the dust-borne allergens that live in your home and have a lower level of allergens than those rooms with hard flooring surfaces. Lessen the symptoms like coughing, sneezing, scratching with this particular quick tip. Vacuum at least once or twice a week and have your carpets cleaned professionally every 3-4 months, but better yet have them cleaned by Chem-Dry of Central Illinois.

We know that all carpet cleaning services aren’t alike and we have something extra great about us. Chem-Dry commissioned a leading independent air quality laboratory to conduct a study using Chem-Dry’s Hot Carbonating Extraction (HCE) process in multiple homes. The lab found that Chem-Dry removes an average of 98.1% of common household allergens from the upholstery and carpets we clean.*


March 31, 2015

This spring, make your house a safer, healthier place to live. The tips below not only get your home back in shape for the spring and summer, but they help make your home a healthier place to live by minimizing germs and reducing allergens.

Professionally clean rugs, carpets, and upholstery. If you really want to deep clean your carpets, rugs and upholstery and eliminate the dirt and germs that have accumulated over the winter months, call the experts at Chem-Dry of Central Illinois. Chem-Dry uses a green-certified solution that's safe and non-toxic for kids and pets and a low-water, carbonating cleaning process that will give your surfaces and your home a deep-down, healthier clean. And be sure to ask about our premium Healthy Home package, which includes sanitizing your carpets and upholstery to reduce the unhealthy bacteria that may have collected. Since Chem-Dry uses 80% less water than typical steam cleaning, you'll love the convenience of our speedy dry times - just a couple of hour rather than a couple of days - and not having the mold and mildew growth that can come from the excessive water used by steam cleaners.

Thoroughly dust your home and clean or replace air conditioning and heating filters; clean all ducts and vents to decrease your exposure to pollens and other airborne allergens.

Remove mold and mildew in moist areas of the home. Mold is a fungus that can spark allergic reactions for many people and spring is a tough time of year for anyone with allergies of any kind. Use non-toxic cleaning products and make sure bathrooms, laundry rooms, and kitchens are free of unhealthy mold.

February 27th, 2015

Your carpets and upholstery receive a great deal of use and we know that spills and stains are going to happen even if we try our best to stop them. Implementing Chem-Dry's Protectant to all your carpets and upholstery will make your carpets and upholstery last longer. Because the factory-applied stain resistant diminishes and fades away leaving your carpets and upholstery vulnerable to staining and spills. Chem-Dry Protectants generate a strong barrier around the fibers in your carpets and upholstery items to resist soiling and staining by allowing spills to be removed before staining can occur. Make sure your carpets and furniture look great year after year by applying Chem-Dry Protectant.

Watch our Power of Fabric Protector video and you will be amazed!

Call us to get you carpets and upholstery protected by Chem-Dry of Central Illinois!

January 31st, 2015

When you've lived in your home for a while, you'll start to notice a discoloration on the carpet along the baseboards.  Especially if you have lighter carpet, you will see the lines. They are called filtration lines.

 It's common to assume the lines are caused by the vacuum not being able to reach that close to the baseboard, but that is only one part of the issue.  Small spaces between the boards cause air to travel and even the best-built homes contain spaces.  Air shifts often and passes through these little spaces underneath the walls and doors due to constant temperature and pressure differences that occur in your home.  As the air travels through, the carpet acts as a sponge and attracts the particles that the air is carrying.  Dust, Oils and microscopic dirt particles are just a few of the things that may be in the air that is soiling the carpet over time. 

So how can you get rid of filtration lines? It is very tricky without the proper equipment.  A process that includes deep cleaning, agitation, and the right cleaning solution is exactly what you need.  Thankfully, the professionals at Chem-Dry of Central Illinois have the experience, process, and equipment that is necessary to get rid of the pesky filtration lines. Our solution is powerful and proprietary. It will get deep into the carpet fibers and lift them to the surface where they then can be permanently cleaned and removed from your home.  Along with our incredible deep cleaning process, our solutions are green certified and leave absolutely no sticky or dirt-attracting residue in your carpet. This means that carpets are able to resist soiling, allowing them to stay cleaner for longer. 

Don't look any further, the professionals at Chem-Dry of Central Illinois have the experience and equipment to bring you a cleaner, drier, and healthier home.  Give us a call today at Chem-Dry of Central Illinois to get rid of your filtration lines and provide a deeper clean that you can trust!

November 25th, 2014

Thanksgiving is a time to be thankful, but that doesn’t mean you have to be thankful for the stains and spots that have appeared on your carpet and upholstery.  However, Chem-Dry can easily take care of them so you don’t even have to stress!

One of the reasons people choose Chem-Dry over other services is for the peace of mind of knowing we offer a healthier, safer carpet cleaning experience. Chem-Dry utilizes the natural cleaning power of carbonation to release and lift dirt and grime from deep within your carpets so they can be whisked away with our powerful extraction equipment for a clean that lasts.

Similar to the way club soda removes stains from a shirt, we’ve evolved and adapted the use of carbonation into a superior carpet and upholstery cleaning process. Chem-Dry uses the power of carbonating solutions to lift the dirt, dust and other allergens to the surface where they can be easily removed without using the excessive amounts of water other methods like steam cleaning use.

For a carpet cleaning experience that is quick, more effective, and completely safe and non-toxic to you and your family, call us today!  Chem-Dry of Central Illinios wishes you and your family a safe and Happy Thanksgiving!

October 15th, 2014

The Chem-Dry method provides the most powerful carpet cleaning solution available on the market today.  We use the power of carbonation to make your carpets look and feel like they are new again. This is a unique cleaning technique pioneered by the experts at Chem-Dry.

Carbonation has natural "lifting" properties that you may have noticed when you pour a carbonated beverage into a glass. Using that same principle, Chem-Dry’s solution penetrates deep into your carpets, creating an explosive reaction that releases dirt and grime from individual fibers. Using the natural lifting properties of carbonation, our solution brings all the dirt and unwanted particles to the surface where we extract them. By using this tried and true method, you'll be able to experience a deeper clean and enjoy a longer lasting freshness for your home.

The difference between our highly researched techniques is that steam cleaning will dump large amounts of water and harsh chemicals into your carpets only to try and suck them all back out again. But by doing this, they fail to clean the carpet and just push the moisture and grime deeper into the carpet fibers. It also takes 1-2 days to clean your carpets because of the excess amount of water used. Chem-Dry's techniques limit moisture usage and achieve maximum cleaning results that dry in just 1-2 hours. Your carpets will be dry 24 times faster! Our competitors can't offer you the same convenience. Once you experience the Chem-Dry difference you'll never be satisfied with less.

We cater to all budgets at Chem-Dry by offering outstanding service for an affordable price. Do what you and your family deserve, Call today to schedule an appointment!

September 15th, 2014

After finding a stain on your carpets, first instinct may be to call the professionals to take out the stain. Simple home remedies may be the most effective and money saving option for many spots and stains, even though you won't hear that from most cleaning companies. To show how important our customers are to us, we want to share these insights with you.

One solution is simple: warm water. All you need to do is dampen the problem area and blot it with a white and daughter on clean carpet Be careful not to rub the spot too vehemently, as this will only spread the stain around and damage the carpet fibers. Attentively blotting the stain is the best way to transfer the stain to your cloth from the carpet. Check to see if the stain is "transferring" correctly from the carpet to the cloth. If you notice that the towel isn't darkening, stop the process.

If hot water doesn't prove to be a success, the next step would be to try club soda. Chem-Dry uses club soda as a key ingredient, making it an excellent solution for removing those tough stains. Using the same methods, just blot the stain and look for the towel to darken. If club soda doesn't yield any transfer, then it's time to call a professional.

The groundbreaking techniques used by Chem-Dry remove particles from individual fibers and then lift them out of your carpet, making us the best choice for all stain removal. When home remedies don't work, call the professionals at Chem-Dry!

August 26th, 2014

Even though kids and pets track dirt and mud into the home regularly throughout the year, this is especially true during the summer months. Luckily, school starts again, making the mess manageable once again. When you’re starting to think about back to school clothes and supplies, let us worry about the mess that summer has left behind.

Even though there are many reasons to choose Chem-Dry, the most apparent is our unique cleaning process, allowing us to clean deeper than any other brand. Steam cleaners use gallons of water to push dirt and grime down further into your carpet fibers, hiding the mess rather than cleaning it, while Chem-Dry’s carbonated solution removes dirt from individual carpet fibers and lifts these unwanted particles to the surface, where they are extracted with hot water. Your carpet will be clean and dry within hours, not days, because we use minimal water in our process! For a cleaner, healthier home, call us today!

July 21st, 2014 - Allergen Removal

Allergies can turn even the sunniest of days into the most miserable day ever. With routine and thorough carpet and upholstery cleaning, you can better keep allergens out of your home during pollen season. Choose Chem-Dry to both clean your home and protect it from the outside world.

Every home will typically feature a collection of allergens, dust, germs and other irritating and even harmful particles built up over time in carpets, furniture and other upholstered items. The carbonated solution used and developed by the professionals at Chem-Dry lifts these unwanted materials to the surface of your carpet, where they can be safely extracted, as opposed to steam cleaning methods. Call us to keep your home clean and allergen-free this summer!

June 20th, 2014 - Chem-Dry and Sustainability

One of the unique advantages of choosing Chem-Dry is our commitment to sustainability. Since the environment is important to us, we have created a unique and innovative process for cleaning carpets that are not only the most effective method available but also avoids using any potentially harmful chemicals in order to protect both your family and your carpets.

To realize these goals, Chem-Dry has harnessed the power of carbonation. Throughout the cleaning procedure, carbonated bubbles are sent deep into your carpet in order to separate dirt, dust and other filth from individual fibers and then to bring these undesirable particles to the surface where they can be easily and safely extracted, making your carpets look like new once again. Not only is this process more eco-friendly, it also uses less water than other methods, which means that your carpet will dry in just 1-2 hours instead of the 1-2 days offered by steam cleaning!

It is with great pride that Chem-Dry of Central Illinois offers this unparalleled service in order to both make your carpets look and feel clean and to promote environmental stability. That’s the Chem-Dry way – drier, cleaner, healthier homes.

May 14th, 2014 - Spring Cleaning

In addition to the cold weather, another common feature of the winter months are the germs, viruses and other filth that are tracked into the home on a regular basis, which remain stagnant until spring.  While opening the windows to welcome the warm weather will freshen the air, it won’t get rid of all the allergens, dust and dirt that have built up in your carpets and furniture throughout the harsh winter season.

To keep your home clean and allergen-free this spring, call Chem-Dry of Central Illinois for affordable carpet and upholstery cleaning options!  We are equipped to make your spring cleaning as easy as possible this year with our state-of-the-art cleaning solutions that will leave your carpet looking and feeling as good as new.  Give us a call today!

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