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For one of the best carpet cleaning Bloomington, IL has to offer, we are proud to provide innovative carpet cleaning techniques.  Now knowing that there are incredible advantages to choosing our unique process, both for your home carpet and your wallet.  At Chem-Dry of Central Illinois , we believe that innovation is an ongoing process. Our dedication to this principle has led us to continually pursue improvements to our carpet cleaning equipment, methods and solutions so that we could proudly offer one of the best cleaning available on the market today.  We are proud to be using carpet cleaning products and techniques that have been tested over time by the leading carpet cleaning company in the industry, Chem-Dry.  Our goal is to provide innovative and effective services for you carpet cleaning Bloomington needs.  Deep Clean for a Healthy Home™ 


Carpet Cleaning Bloomington, IL: Chem-Dry of Central Illinois is DRIER.

Because we utilize the power of carbonation, we are able to use less water in our cleaning process than steam cleaning methods. Instead of the 1-2 days needed by steam cleaning, carpets cleaned the Chem-Dry way will dry in 1-2 hours.  We want to do our part here in Bloomington IL to preserve and help sustain the local environment, because, we live here too and we want to help out.  Our professional carpet cleaning methods use 80% less water while we are in your home; compared to other services in the area.  The longer your carpets sit wet the possibility for growth of mold and mildew increases down at the base of the carpet fibers.  This harms the indoor air qualty that you just paid to have improved.  Our goal is to provide you with the trusted Chem-Dry name in the carpet cleaning.  Quicker drying carpets help sustain your home for a longer lasting clean and allows you to get back to your everyday life a lot quicker. 

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One benefit of Chem-Dry carpet cleaning bloomington is that we use 80% less water than our competitiors.  The reason being is that we don't use harsh chemicals that require large amounts of water to be sprayed down.  Rather than pushing dirt, grime and dust down into the carpet with buckets of water, Chem-Dry hascarpet cleaning bloomington, IL | Technician Cleaning Stairs utilized the power of carbonation to penetrate deep into the carpet to remove these unwanted particles from individual fibers and lift them to the surface, where they can be safely removed with hot water. This also ensures that your carpet will stay clean for longer, meaning that you won’t need to clean it as frequently.  Picture this, millions of effervescent bubbles work their way down to the base of your carpet fibers, then our PowerHead® technology agitates the solution, causing the bubbles to activate, which then "explode" breaking up the trapped dirt and dust particles and rise to the surface due to the gaseous properties of carbonation.  The PowerHead technology gyrates which moves the fibers away from each other causing a more efficient and deeper clean.  We follow the Chem-Dry carpet cleaning procedures because they work the first time around which saves you time and money. Finding one of the best Carpet Cleaning Bloomington, IL  shouldn't be a hassle; peace of mind is our goal.  Give us a call today!

Carpet Cleaning Bloomington, IL: Chem-Dry of Central Illinois is HEALTHIER.

Green cleaning is a major forefront and focus at Chem-Dry we are committed to eco-friendly carpet cleaning Bloomington, Chem-Dry has developed this method to avoid using anything but entirely natural substances in our solutions.  Not only does this benefit the environment – it is also a huge benefit to your home and family as well. You can rest assured that no harmful chemicals will ever come near your home during the Chem-Dry cleaning process to guarantee that your family and your carpets will always be kept safe.  We are equipped to help meet the needs of any customer we will certainly give it our best shot.  That is why the core cleaning solution, The Natural ®, is 100% non-toxic.  It is safe to use around those who suffer with allergens, little kids, and pets.  If you're looking for carpet cleaning Bloomington IL best service, Chem-Dry of Illinois is proud to be about of your community.  Plus, when our sanitizer is used to clean your carpets, 98% of allergens and 89% of air borne bacteria are removed*  The allergens and air borne bacteria get trapped in the fibers and get stirred up and get mixed back in the air as you walk on the carpet.  We want to help you achieve a cleaner home to provide healthier indoor air quality.

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